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I always begin by hand, experiencing the tactile sensations and observing as my emotions and energy translate into art.  I let go of expectations to make room for new discoveries.


Sometimes I’m drawn to techniques that are uncommon in textile design.

Other times, I gravitate towards more traditional processes.  Always, I experiment extensively until I’ve infused the process with my own style. All this experimentation results in a large body of work that then needs to be edited down to the best...or my favorites : )

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We send the files to our production partners for sampling.  This can be the most lengthy part of the process as it involves waiting for samples to arrive, then reviewing each sample with a discerning eye, agonizing over color options, and editing.


I chose to print my designs digitally for a few reasons:

  • it is more eco-friendly than many other printing processes

  • It allows me to run a business with very little waste

  • It brilliantly captures the tiniest details, textures, and subtle imperfections of my artwork

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Once I’ve approved the samples, the new collection goes into production, ultimately ending up in design showrooms, sample libraries, and then spaces around the world!  

elworthy studio alhambra wallpaper