About Kate Miller

Kate Miller is the innovative artist and designer behind San Francisco-based elworthy studio, offering nonconformist wallpapers and fabrics.  Avant garde design techniques and an earthy, sensual color palette contribute to her signature style, at once opulent and moody, romantic and edgy, sophisticated and raw.

Kate has diverse experience in retail and design, a keen eye for style, and an ability to anticipate what’s next.  The formative years of her career were with Bloomingdale’s, first in the buying office and later in visual merchandising/store display.  She then moved to Shanghai and managed merchandising and product design for a fashion start up.  Inspired to find an artistic outlet to express her creativity, Kate left the industry to pursue graduate studies in textile design and was captivated by the endless possibilities.  

Established Spring 2015 and named after the designer’s great-grandmother, elworthy studio is an environmentally-conscious textile and wallpaper company that takes inspiration from the beauty of the natural world and the raw energy of urban life.  


About the Decay Collection

For elworthy studio’s debut collection, Kate was influenced by a rusted drain pipe she noticed outside of her apartment. Immediately drawn to its unique texture and color, Kate found beauty in the otherwise ordinary urban object. In the Decay Collection, the designer explores the art of rust, hand-dyeing fabrics with the impressions of rusted objects and then turning to the computer to further develop color and pattern.  Kate’s tactile and experimental techniques yield designs that have a hand-crafted, organic beauty.

Everything in the collection is made to order, and produced with the utmost commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

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