Elworthy studio for Moxiemade

Last fall, in the midst of a whirlwind tour promoting the Clair Obscur collection, I received an email from Bay Area interior designers Nancy Evars and Dimitra Anderson (of Evars + Anderson) asking if I'd be interested in creating textile designs for their nascent upholstered furniture line.  I admired their interior design work and the idea behind Moxiemade sounded innovative and exciting- customizable upholstered furniture at a budget-friendly price point- so deciding to collaborate with them was an easy yes!

Maya, shown in Indigo, Mauve, and Gray

The designers wanted soft, organic shapes and textures, so I revisited my rust dyeing technique, experimenting with some new variations that I'd been wanting to to try.  For example, the design above, Maya, was created by first pleating a piece of woven cotton fabric, then wrapping the material around a large threaded screw.  Pleating before wrapping resulted in a very different effect- soft vertical lines and details that alternate between softly focused and more defined.  It's so exciting to discover a new way of approaching a familiar process!

My capsule collection for Moxiemade consists of three different designs printed on 100% Belgian linen.  Each design comes in three different colorways, and can be used on their chairs, ottomans, and pillows.

Moxiemade's Campbell Oval Ottoman upholstered in our Cascade fabric (as a COM option).

Moxiemade's Campbell Oval Ottoman upholstered in our Cascade fabric (as a COM option).

We had a soft launch event during Design SF, and the official online launch was last week.  Check out their website to view the whole collection and read more!

For any inquiries, email sales@moxiemade.com.

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