Pattern of the moment: Botanica



Our state flower, the Golden Poppy.  I see this flower on my long coastal walks, and am always captivated by the delicate, overlapping petals and the intense saffron hue.  



I created the abstract floral motifs using a flexible art wedge (one of my favorite painting tools!), liquid acrylic paint, and a spray bottle of water.  For this design, I worked quickly on paper, painting petals with one hand, spraying water with the other, then allowing the paint and water to interact.   I’ve found that when I let go and allow the unexpected to occur, magical things can happen!


From art to design:

I probably painted over fifty motifs in this experimental (and very fun) process, then selected the most interesting flowers for Botanica.  Each motif is a totally unique expression of the poppy.  The resulting design embodies a wabi-sabi quality that can only be achieved by hand.  Digital printing is the only process that could capture the nuanced details of this design- from delicate splashes of water to painterly strokes to fluid gradations of color.


Botanica is available in two colorways (ink and gray), both as wallpaper and fabric. 

Samples are available through our website  or your nearest showroom.