Pattern of the Moment: Sumiscape


I remember my mother once trying to articulate why she loves living on the coast.  There were the obviously reasons - the natural beauty, the pace of life, the sunsets- but it went deeper, it was one of those hard-to-put-into-words feelings, so she shrugged and said “there’s just something about the horizon.”  I have to agree.  Since moving to Half Moon Bay a year and a half ago, I often find my sense of calm by looking at the expansive horizon.  Perhaps because it provides an instant dose of perspective.  


Here on the California coast the horizon changes dramatically depending on which direction you face.  We have jagged, rocky cliffs that plummet into the sea juxtaposed with fertile farmland set amidst gently rolling hills.  It is this rich variety of landscapes that I sought to capture with my sumi ink and brush.  The process of painting the artwork for this design was truly meditative, and I hope that my inner calmness comes through in the design.  Each line in Sumiscape is its own abstract expression of a landscape, many that I’ve seen, and some that I’ve only imagined.  The landscapes come together to form an unconventional take on a striped pattern.


Sumiscape is available on eco-friendly wallpaper and 100% Belgian linen fabric, and comes in two colorways, Jet and Shell.