HEIRLOOM COLLECTION: Our newest wallpapers have arrived!

Left to right: Walk Like an Egyptian, Sedona, Aloha, Hex on You, and Daphne

Left to right: Walk Like an Egyptian, Sedona, Aloha, Hex on You, and Daphne

Every collection begins with a story, and the story of this collection actually goes back to the early 1900’s.  The women on my maternal grandfather’s side were quilters - very talented ones at that.  My mother is the lucky guardian of a few of these family treasures, and one quilt in particular caught my eye last year.  Small pieces of fabric, cut into trapezoidal shapes and stitched by hand.  The maker did not repeat a single fabric on a queen sized quilt.  She relied on color to create cohesion among the widely varied patterns.

Quilting is a form of storytelling, and this collection is my way of connecting with my female ancestors and continuing our narrative.  My goal was to reactivate fabric patterns from the quilt, to reimagine them in my own style.  

The resulting collection is eclectic and bold, five designs in a color palette of terra-cotta, cobalt, sky blue, black, and gray.  True to my style, I combined geometrics with organic elements to strike balance between hard and soft, masculine and feminine. The new designs began by hand…I worked in a variety of paints and pencils to create the varied motifs - from tiny floral details to tonal background textures. I am especially excited about the introduction of a striking cobalt blue into my product line. It is so crisp and fresh looking…I predict it to be a very popular hue in years to come. You heard it here first ; ) View the entire HEIRLOOM collection here, and please stay tuned for separate posts on each new design!

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