Elworthy Studio x Amour Vert


I’ve been a fan of sustainable fashion brand Amour Vert ever since I received their first catalog a couple years ago. The company’s commitment to responsible sourcing and production aligns with my own values, and their clothing strikes that balance between fashionable and timeless. When I discovered they are based right here in San Francisco, I decided to reach out and see if they’d be interested in collaborating! Fast forward about six months, and my exclusive print for AV is now in stores!


Amour Vert’s head fashion designer was looking for an painterly floral to complement her desert-inspired March delivery. She loved my “Botanica” design, so we used that abstract style of floral motif as a starting point. I incorporated some painterly marks to add movement and visual interest to the print.



Although I started in retail fashion, I’ve been fully immersed in interiors for a few years now and it was a (fun) challenge to design a wearable print! I am used to designing for large, often flat surfaces…you know, walls. And I tend to gravitate towards larger scale prints that make a statement from across the room.

For this design, we decided on a small to medium size print. I also had to consider movement, both of the print and of the person wearing the print, and make sure that the design would be flattering. It was a fully collaborative process between myself and the AV design team, and I’m grateful for the feedback they gave along the way to push this design to its best version!


The Mojave Floral print is available in two dress styles, a skirt, and a blouse, all on Amour Vert’s sustainable silk fabric. Head over here to shop the collection.