Introducing edgy + sustainable accent pillows!

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have caught a sneak peek of our new Decay Collection accent pillows.  These luxurious accessories feature elworthy studio's edgy, sophisticated prints, which are inspired by the beauty of rust and patina.  To create these kaleidoscopic prints, we used rusted objects to dye fabrics in an experimental process that resulted in unique textures and unexpected shapes.  Then, we scanned these rust-dyed fabrics and used digital techniques to elevate them into finished designs for the modern home.  

The pillows are 20" square and available in 8 different prints, each with a solid coordinating fabric (either 100% linen or cotton velvet) on the back and finished with an exposed brass zipper that is made in the USA.  All of our designs work together in perfect harmony so are super fun to mix and match, and the color palette of soft jewel tones and earthy neutrals is easy to integrate into most decor schemes.  

We are passionate about great design, and believe that also means creating products that are safe for the home and the environment.  With this in mind, finding non-toxic organic inserts for our pillows was a must, but nothing on the market fit the bill.   Our solution was to develop our own exclusive insert with the partnership of a like-minded company called Malpaca.  Filled with with organic fiber from domestic alpacas, and enclosed in a certified organic bamboo viscose case, these inserts are hypoallergenic, flame retardant, chemical-free, sustainable, and sumptuously soft.    

If you love the elworthy studio look, but aren't quite ready to wallpaper a room, these new pillows offer an easy way to incorporate our ethereal, textured style into a home.  Check out the Decay Collection pillows here.

Feel free to get in touch.  We’d love to help you with your design needs, and don’t forget to tag us in any instagram posts- we adore seeing how you style up the Decay Collection!