The ideal apartment, as imagined by elworthy studio


Here at elworthy studio we love exploring contrasts, so it’s no surprise that our ideal home combines two different- yet complementary- styles.  Our dream home is all about the juxtaposition of soft, bohemian textures and natural elements with clean, modern lines.  Together, these styles create perfect harmony and a stylish household that is equally perfect for entertaining and cozy nights in.


1.  Contemporary design with a hint of boho chic, from Design Attractor  2. Sepia, from elworthy studio  3.  Pressed botanicals from femina  4.  Desert Alchemy, from elworthy studio  5. Midcentury dresser and potted plants, courtesy of Blood and Champagne


For our “dream home” moodboard, we started with an earthy color palette, taking inspiration from our Desert Alchemy and Sepia designs.  We chose plush, contemporary furniture and bold artwork, then added delicate details through framed dried flowers and metallic accents.

How to create this look in your own home:

  • Try upholstering an accent chair with simple, clean lines in a colorful, printed fabric.  Or, start with a chair that has a vintage look, and update it with a modern printed fabric.
  • Infuse your home with life (even if you rent) by switching out boring kitchen or bathroom hardware with whimsical knobs and pulls.  We love Anthropologie for feminine style, and Schoolhouse Electric for modern hardware.
  • The bohemian look is all about texture and layering, so don’t be scared to mix and match patterned textiles, then up the coziness with a woven or knit throw blanket and plenty of pillows.
  • Choose decorative accessories that have personal significance to you, such as family heirlooms or objects from your natural surroundings.
  • Artwork!  Finding affordable art from talented young artists has never been easier, thanks to resources like The Tappan Collective, Minted, and One Kings Lane.  For more resources, check out this roundup PopSugar.

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