What goes around comes around: Elworthy Gives Back

Last year, thanks to the support of the design community and homeowners (i.e. all of YOU!), I was able to donate 7% of Elworthy Studio’s end of year profit to two organizations.  Because your support made this possible, I thought I’d share more about the awesome organizations that received Elworthy Studio’s donations.


But first : A Greater purpose

I do this work for a few reasons. 

I love to create. 

I love to share what I create in hopes that it will inspire and delight others. 

But behind all of this is perhaps my biggest driving force - the desire to make a difference. To make our world a more beautiful AND better place for future generations. While my work certainly isn’t saving lives, finding cures for diseases or life changing discoveries….I do feel that a large part of my responsibility as a creative business owner and human is to have a positive impact, on people and on our planet.

Sustainability and the health of our planet are of the utmost importance to me, so after I ran my year end numbers and set aside a portion for charity, it didn’t take long to decide where that money would go. I choose to donate to two organizations focused on carbon offsetting projects. I calculated my annual carbon emissions out of curiosity, but knew I wanted to do more than just offset that. I wanted to support organizations who were doing amazing things…and I believe these organizations deserve to be highlighted for the impact they are having in the world.


Cool effect: clean cookstoves for families across the globe

I was introduced to Cool Effect through a podcast episode featuring their founder, and her words really resonated with me. Cool Effect is an organization with the mission to Reduce Carbon Emissions through a variety of vetted projects. By “combining science, expertise, and transparency, [they] are creating a community built around one simple vision: give people the power and confidence to band together and reduce the carbon pollution that causes climate change.”

I chose to support projects that fund biogas composters and clean, efficient cookstoves in five different countries. Reading about these projects, I had a strong emotional reaction, and wanted to help provide families with a healthier home while minimizing the use of wood burning stoves and thus reducing the impact of deforestation. You can read more about the specific projects here.


Wildlife works: protecting threatened forests, wildlife and communities

Wildlife Works is the world’s leading REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation) project development and management company. Per their website, Wildlife Works' REDD+ projects protect threatened forests, wildlife, and uplift rural communities. The essence of the Wildlife Works REDD+ conservation strategy is based on job creation. Jobs create a viable alternative for people that have previously had to destroy their environment just to survive.


Wildlife Works’ core values fee very aligned with my personal ethos. I share their desire to reverse previous environmental damage, project wildlife, and support local communities through employment. The thought of losing the magnificent animals that inhabit the African continent is devastating, and they need their natural habitat in order to survive. I donated equally to their two projects, which are in Kenya and D.R.Congo (I encourage you to visit their site to learn more!).

Again, a BIG thank you to our amazing clients, whose support of my business made it possible for Elworthy Studio to give back and support these great organizations!

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