A Tale of two antiques…transformed!


2005  I was fresh out of college and moving into my first apartment in New York City.  My vision for said apartment was “french boudoir” and did not include anything big box, so my mom suggested we visit our local antique store.  I spotted a charming old dresser and chair in the very back and it was love at first sight (for a very reasonable $250).

2018  My husband and I are first time homeowners decorating our new home.  The aforementioned antique dresser and chair sit in our guest room.  The thing is, over the past thirteen years, my style has evolved.  Thank goodness.  I considered selling the antique pieces, but it seemed wasteful…and while I try not to get attached to material things, I admit, they do have some emotional value.


I’d met Amy Fredrickson, the founder of Revitaliste, multiple times over the past few years…the Bay Area design world is a small one, after all.  We’d talked about working together, and now seemed like the perfect time to finally join forces.  Amy and her team loved the idea of helping me transform my antique dresser and chair into modern pieces that fit with our new home and improved sense of style. 



I was struck by how simple and user friendly the whole process was.  Most of it was online, starting with a questionnaire about the pieces, the room, my style, color preferences, and more.  I expressed my preference for using eco-friendly and non-toxic materials, and was relieved to hear that they could use cotton fill instead of foam for the chair, and low-VOC paint rather than varnish on the dresser.  It means a lot to me when companies understand my values, and are willing to find ways to meet them without sacrificing the end result. 

From there, the Revitaliste team presented me with a quote and estimated turnaround time.  I opted for their “design guidance” because I wanted to see what these design wizards would come up with.   Within a few days, I received a beautiful document with six different combinations of chair upholstery/wood finish and dresser color/hardware.  All six options were very cool, but I quickly settled on my favorite.  We finalized the design, a truck came to pick up the pieces…and about one month later, another truck was at my house with the finished dresser and chair!


I am SO thrilled with my new (old) dresser and chair!  They are true statement pieces in our guest room.  Thanks so much to Amy and her team at Revitaliste!

Do you have a piece of furniture that might benefit from an update?  Check out Revitaliste!  They make the process so easy, and the results speak for themselves.  You can read more about the company and founder in this recent journal post.


My entire guest room reveal is coming very soon!  Want to see how the dresser and chair tie in with the rest of the room?  Make sure you follow us on instagram and are on our email list to be the first to know : )

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