Behind the Design: Traces

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The seashell.

Naturally beautiful, universally admired, frequently collected.

On one particular day, the beach was strewn with a seemingly infinite path of seashell fragments. They hurt to step on, so I kept company as I walked from a parallel distance. I pondered the seashell, and how the beauty of the seashell extends beyond its aesthetically pleasing form, its smoothness, its ability to capture the sound of the waves.

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What is a seashell anyway? It is a home. A source of protection. At least for a while, until it’s tenant moves on. Then perhaps it becomes a home for a new tenant…then another, until it’s no longer useful as a home. The elements do their thing, gradually breaking the shell down into fragments, then smaller fragments until it ceases to exist.


To me, there is so much beauty in this lifecycle, and in the fact that the home of a living creature breaks down organically in a way that does absolutely no harm to its environment. Can we say the same of our own homes?

Every design begins with a story, and this is the story behind my newest design, Traces. To capture the beauty of the seashell fragments and the process of them breaking down, I used printmaking techniques to create a series of varied marks and lines. I combined my favorite parts from several different prints to make one unique print that reads as a vertical stripe, rich with texture and movement.


Traces is available in four earth-inspired colors, printed on natural Belgian linen and eco-friendly wall coverings. This design can be customized as to color and scale, with endless possibilities! Check out the full collection here.


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We are so excited with how this design turned out, and hope you love it as much as we do!